3 Small Business Tips: Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an incredibly accessible tool.

Small businesses can benefit from this type of marketing because it is cost-effective and often has a high return on investment. Even a small company with limited resources can successfully launch their own digital marketing campaign using the tips below.

  1. Engage with your Customers
    Pick a few social media sites that your customers frequent and start  talking to them there.  Genuine, human interaction goes a long way in this tech- filled world. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are popular, but the most effective app will ultimately depend on your target audience. Take advantage of hashtags and free advertising by creating your own and encouraging your customers to share and tag you on social media.
  2. Create Real Content
    It can be easy to get trapped in the routine of sharing trending content from other sources. Creating your own content can seem like a daunting task reserved for corporations with an entire floor dedicated to marketing. With a little planning though, you can create content no matter what size your business is. Not just any content, GOOD content. It’s all about telling your story. Who are you? What are you doing? Why is this something your customer should pay attention to? Great content can mean brief, consistent blog posts of industry updates and information, starting conversations online, or tweeting interesting videos, photos and text that you create.  Share your story, mission or vision!
  3. Measure Your Results
    What types of posts and promotions do people respond to? What brings people to your website? Value customer feedback and consider creating a satisfaction poll. As a small business, taking note of engagement trends can prove useful. If a certain technique isn’t working you have the flexibility to try something new.

Digital marketing has become an indispensable tool. Identifying who your customers are, what digital devices they use to communicate, and what social platforms they interact on can have a profound impact on your success. Take advantage of being an active part of your local community and ability to add a personal touch to your marketing as a small business. With some planning and consistency, you can discover just how powerful these assets can be.

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