Top Mobile Marketing Trends for 2017


2017 has begun and there’s no better time to implement a marketing strategy for your business. A creative approach can set you apart from the pack and keep you competitive in today’s market. Staying informed of new trends and techniques will allow you to connect with your customers in a fresh way every time.

One such trend to keep a close watch on is mobile. The amount of consumers accessing the web via mobile devices now outweighs desktop users. Today, it is not enough to just be “mobile friendly,” so here are some ways your small business can utilize this form of marketing.

Mobile Payments

With the rise of Apple Pay and Google Wallet consumers are more comfortable than ever using mobile payment options. Make sure your business is set up to accept mobile pay for your goods and services. This increases customer convenience.“Buy” buttons already exist on various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Because consumers don’t have to go through multiple steps to make a purchase and the potential for distractions or hesitation is decreased, sales increase. Instead of sending you to another site for payment, you’re able to purchase directly from your news feed effortlessly. The process is as simple as ever. As awareness increases and this technology is implemented by more businesses, we will see a rapid climb in popularity for this trend in 2017.

Mobile Search

One of the most important factors is that your business is visible via mobile search. Optimize your website using Google SEO tags. This will help your rank in Google search results and provide specific information on your products. Your next course of action should be to identify key mobile word searches for your industry. What questions are potential customers typing into their mobile searches that your product or service can fulfill? Once you identify the search questions, you can determine how to deliver the content-based solution.

In addition, confirm that your website is responsive, meaning it automatically adjusts to the type of device being viewed on. Glitches, poor formatting and lag in design can render your website useless to a mobile user.

Mobile Apps

A recent study showed that 72 percent of Americans check their phones at least once an hour. Up to 90 percent of that time, they’re using apps. If your business doesn’t currently have a mobile app, now is the time.

Apps increase engagement, provide your business with customer data and increase the ways in which you are able to connect with your audience. Mobile app development can be affordable thanks to many options available. These can range from simple, customizable templates on the lower end of the cost spectrum, to fully custom apps on the higher end. An app can benefit even the smallest of companies by increasing brand awareness, making your products accessible to anyone with a smartphone, and connecting you easily with customers. There are many cost effective solutions for small businesses looking to create an app, while traditional apps can be expensive and require a team to be built, personal apps and customizable simpler apps are also an option on today’s market.

Mobile-Only Social

We all know how big social platforms are, but mobile only social apps continue to rise in popularity. Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram and others should be part of your mobile marketing strategy. Make sure you’re always monitoring your social channels (either live or via social listening tools) and tailoring your message accordingly.

Don’t post the same content at the same time across all platforms. This leads to message fatigue and is the quickest way to lose subscribers. Connect with your followers by posting in the moment pictures and video that reflects your brand philosophy, experiences, and attitude. Including a relatable element is crucial to secure a large following. You should also keep an eye out for trending topics and join the conversation when appropriate.

Marketing trends will come and go, but to capitalize on growth, you must stay current. Mobile will continue to expand in pervasiveness, so be sure your business is well supported.



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