3 Easy Hacks to Improve Your SEO

SEO doesn’t come natural to everyone… and that’s okay! You will not need to be an SEO wizard in order to implement these hacks. You won’t need to break the bank either! Check em’ out!

  1. Use your homepage as a main landing page for your most important category pages. The home page is the most visited link out of all your website links. This will drive higher traffic to your website. On your homepage, insert links to all the important category pages so it is easy accessible and features what the customer should focus on. Having these main links on your homepage enhances user experience, which is one of the most important factors of your website.
  2. Make sure that all external links are linking back correctly to your website. This is a common mistake; broken links, incomplete links, dead links are all examples of why there may be a misdirection to your website. This ruins chances of gaining website traffic and and gaining brand awareness.
  3. Discover main keywords that users are using in forums and in search results so you can use these main words in your website descriptions. This will trigger relevant traffic and a great use of content marketing. This will enhance your ranking, as well as being the upperhand in having all the answers to the questions about your niche.


Now get to it!




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