“All in One” Marketing Device

Advia releases a rebuilt mobile marketing platform based on mobile user location. This multi-sensing device can be used for physical stores and for mobile marketing platforms that use location-based targeting. This is an incorporated innovative method for in-store brands and mobile marketing brands.

This marketing device can track smartphones entering a store looking for Wifi or Bluetooth. If so, the system will assign your mobile device with a unique ID number connecting to a log-on profile. The device connects to a camera that captures an image of your face. (I personally am unsure how I feel about that but still very cool). Based off this image, a licensed algorithm that will determine the visitor’s gender and approximate age.

According to MarketingLand, “CEO John DeCaprio [said] that the Advia engagement engine can then, for instance, immediately show — on a kiosk at the counter — a marketing screen targeted at the twentysomething male standing there, whose age and gender the platform has identified.”

All this content is displayed on a kiosk which stores all the information for you. This marketing platform has many extensive add-ons that can increase your marketing tactics astronomically.

This can change the way in-store businesses connect with their mobile users and how they sell to customers.


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