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There is no denying that mobile in a necessity in your business strategy. Businesses need to consider how apps are changing the face of consumer communication. Apps offer the ability to reach and engage users no matter where they are, and on their terms. Because of this, they reflect the new way that customers demand to interact. Not only that, but they offer groundbreaking information about consumer behavior and attribute data about your customers that you can use across your channels to create more relevant and valuable experiences.

The data below reflects information on app marketing and the way consumers are using apps. We dive into the details of how users utilize apps and what the best marketing tactics are.

The matter of the fact is, people are spending more time on apps. In 2015, time spent on apps increased by 11%, and is continuously on the rise.

People are interacting more on apps and this helps businesses create better relationships with their consumers through apps.

The amount of time spent on apps matters on what device the consumer is using.

Due to tablets having bigger screens and being more visually appealing, tablets typically have greater sessions lengths compared to cellular devices.
Specifically, tablet apps have a 43% higher average session length than phone apps, but phone apps have 78% more app launches than tablet Apps.

Using this data, we can see that the app user behavior on a smartphone and that on a tablet are inherently different, and so the experiences need to be different. Phone app experiences should be focused on the easy and quick presentation of information and then how to improve session length by increasing engagement.

App retention is going to be impacted by your cross-channel strategy.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.01.15 PM

Increasing click through rates supports the idea that push messages are becoming more relevant to users. But with every relevant push, the bar is raised for all push notifications to meet users’ needs, so apps must continuously learn about their audiences in order to better serve them with push messages. One way to establish trust with a user, is to give them time to explore the app before asking them to enable push messages.

Organic (stand-alone) retention might not be enough to keep your app progressing, but the data shows that using tactics like push notifications, in-app messaging, email and remarketing make a huge difference when used.

This is just the beginning of revolutionary marketing. It is important to stay current on marketing measures that need to take place in order to be successful in your business.


Source: Localytics




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