Women Entrepreneurs, Example not Exception

Women Entrepreneurs need to be the example, not the exception. In this TedTalks Video by Gayle Tzemach, she explains the untold economic story of women thriving in the business world. She shares stories of inspirational women she has been influenced by, and how we need to aim high for the expectations of women in this evolving economy.

We are not a special interest group. We are the majority. And for far too long, we have underestimated ourselves and been undervalued by others. It is time for us to aim higher when it comes to women, to invest more and to deploy our dollars to benefit women all around the world. We can make a difference, and make a difference, not just for women, but for a global economy that desperately needs their contributions. Together we can make certain that the so-called exceptions begin to rule. When we change the way we see ourselves, others will follow. And it is time for all of us to think bigger.” -Gayle Tzemach


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