Think Apps, Not Ads

“New media requires new methods of advertising.”

According to Harvard Business Review, “Users spend, on average, 82% of their mobile minutes with apps and just 18% with web browsers.” Based on this information, the best way for marketers to advertise will be through apps. The reason for this being is because consumers will view advertisements as a part of their functionality, therefore finding advertisements to be non-intrusive. From a business perspective, it is also less costly to market through apps instead of traditional ads.

Once brands make the leap into advertising through apps, they need to commit to making the long-term connection with their consumers by understanding why consumers use their app and how to make the B-2-C interaction convenient and unique compared to other apps to ensure consistent usage. Brands can encourage consumers to commit to using their apps by offering incentives that only loyal app users can take advantage of, and offer direct communication with consumers in which will ultimately win the heart and minds of users.



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