Mobile Marketing Trends of 2016

As technology evolves, 2016 will be the year that businesses dive into recreating their business into a digital marketplace for consumers. Mobile marketing allows all businesses to maximize their revenues and to compete fairly in making connections with consumers. Marketers will have to modernize their data analytics to expand their consumer target outreach. Mobile Marketing Watch shared their most important mobile marketing trends of 2016 that includes trends in the market varying from data analytics to cybersecurity. As previously reported in Inquisitr, businesses will adapt their marketing in 2016 by adapting to new technology because mobile marketing trends are one of the most important marketing trends because of how fast the number of mobile devices is growing.
Mobile usage is at an all-time high, such that mobile devices are the most used electronic device dominating laptops, desktops, tablets, ect. Mobile devices make it simple and convenient for businesses to engage with consumers, as well as  being just as easy for consumers to engage with businesses. This can be done by providing discounts through their mobile website, as well as specials deals for loyal customers through their mobile app. By creating this connection, users will have free range to make purchases easily wherever they are, and feel confident in doing so.



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