Why Mobile Security is a Growing Concern

When it comes to the Internet, users increasingly turn to their mobile devices over laptops or desktop computers. Due to this trend, there is a developing concern for mobile security. This is because, “mobile devices are seen as a prime target from a hacker’s perspective.”Without safeguards in place, personal information can be accessed and used without your authorization.

There are precautions users can take, however, to ensure the highest level of mobile security. The easiest and most important safeguard is to have all devices be passcode protected. Virus protection software is another precaution to put in place. Many of the same programs that are utilized on a computer are now offering mobile options. Regular updates are also key, as it ensures you have the latest version of security settings.

Google has especially shown concern for mobile security by issuing monthly updates to improve the safety of its Nexus phones and tablets. Samsung has also decided to follow this path, and LG is doing the same. Especially Apple is adding new security features to their updates with features such as, passcode keychain. With these continual updates, technology companies hope to maintain a safe cyber space for users and to make hacking more difficult.

With the combined efforts of both users and producers, mobile devices can continue to be a safe and viable option for surfing the web.

Image from FreeDigitalPhotos.net, create by StockImages


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