Why Click-to-Call is Vital to Mobile Advertising

Inbound phone calls are becoming an important facet of mobile marketing. With the automated inbound calls market surpassing $4 billion in the U.S., businesses are doing something rare in the digital world: planning for a real-life conversation.

“Mass adoption of the smartphone is producing a surge of inbound phone calls, as billions more mobile users each year jump to their devices’ phone lines to inquire about products and services,” says Invoca.

In fact, approximately 61% of mobile searches end up in a phone call, and 70% of mobile searchers have personally connected with business pages using click-to-call technology. Despite a large portion of consumer activity occurring online, a person on the phone will remain in conversation with a company representative longer than they would surfing the web. These statistics demonstrate why businesses shouldn’t overlook the power of the phone call.

Major mobile tycoons such as Facebook are taking the small details of click-to-call and molding them into the larger part of their advertising plan. For example, if a business has an active Facebook Page that includes their phone number, it will automatically show up on Facebook’s Hello app, and on the user’s dialer. This eliminates the need for a Google search, and easily connects a consumer directly to the business.

Despite the growing attention and investment surrounding click-to-call technology, it is vital to remember that this should not be the sole source of reaching your customers in personal, valuable ways.

Image from FreeDigitalPhotos.net, create by StockImages


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