A Q&A With The Mobile Contessa on Mobile Devices and Content

1. Why should marketers stay up to date on trends related to mobile devices and how consumers view content on these devices?                                                   If marketers don’t stay on top of trends related to mobile devices and content creation, they’re not going to be effective in reaching their audiences. With mobile being such a crucial platform for communicating with customers, it’s imperative to stay current so you don’t miss out on your next opportunity.

2. Do you think mobile content and devices have significantly evolved in recent years, and if so, how?                                                                                                 People are continually becoming more reliant on mobile. Devices are becoming more advanced every day, and in many cases, we’re seeing mobile devices beginning to replace personal computers for people. This means that mobile content is getting more specific and what marketers can share via mobile is becoming much more sophisticated.

3. What changes are occurring in mobile devices today and how rapidly are these changes happening?
In recent years we’ve seen a huge surge in popularity of smartphones. Everything is becoming more accessible in the palm of your hand. Wearables is a newer market in mobile but will most likely continue to grow as this technology is continually improved. The rate at which we’re seeing developments to devices is mind blowing.

4. Will mobile content continue to evolve into the future? Why or why not?
We’re already seeing a strong emergence of geo-fencing, or location-based marketing, with mobile. This trend will only continue to get stronger and we’ll see marketers catering their messages to this type of technology. For example, if a shopper is browsing the furniture aisle of a store, an offer could pop up on their mobile phone giving them tips for buying furniture or a discount on brands, styles, etc.

 5. Will new content distribution channels continue to arise?
With the evolution that’s already taken place in mobile, it seems highly plausible that we’ll continue to see new platforms and distribution channels.

6. Will wearables continue to evolve and gain popularity? What other types of devices may emerge?
I think wearables will continue to evolve and gain popularity. It seems like a logical next step in the evolution of devices. We’ll see this technology become more sophisticated and seamless in its integration to our other devices. Within wearables it’s likely that we’ll see advancements in both devices we wear on our bodies, and possibly even devices that integrate into our clothing, hand bags, etc.

7. What will consumers be looking for from these devices in terms of content and features? What will content need to evolve to meet these needs?
Consumers will be looking for devices that are simple to operate and will easily integrate with their existing devices, apps, and programs. Content will need to be relevant to their daily lives and succinct in its messaging. Attention spans seem to be getting shorter, a trend which we haven’t seen shifting, so marketers will need to drive their point home in as few characters as possible.

8. What tips or suggestions would you give to marketers to ready themselves for reaching consumers on future mobile devices via mobile content?
It will be imperative for marketers to be deliberate in their messaging to mobile consumers. Content must be of direct interest to their audience and displayed in a format that is easy to read and visually rich. This is something that is important now, and will only continue to become more imperative if marketers want to cut through the clutter. As the competition for consumer attention only increases, a big mistake would be to overload content with text. A better route is to provide a message that has minimal text, gets to the point, and includes eye-catching imagery.

9. What challenges can marketers expect with future mobile content and devices?
As more marketers get into the mobile sphere, this area will continue to get more competitive for consumer attention. If they can’t deliver campaigns or messaging that are succinct and interesting to customers, then they will be lost to their competitors.

10. Any additional thoughts to share on these topics?
Mobile is a huge opportunity for any marketer, and if you’re not advertising your business there, you’re missing out. What other technology allows you to reach your audience, anytime, anywhere? Devices and content continue to evolve on a daily basis, but it’s imperative to develop that relationship with your audience now, and grow your mobile messaging over time. There’s no better technology that can easily integrate into all other forms of marketing.


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