Why Major Brands are Changing to Mobile Marketing

Consumers’ fixation with smartphones is shifting the marketplace towards a more mobile-oriented forum. In fact, of all interactive marketing platforms, mobile marketing is expected to jump 38% across the next five years, with an estimated allocation of 8.2 billion dollars. According to Mark Donovan, comsScore SVP of mobile,

“The retailers who best understand how consumers are engaging in mobile shopping behaviors and design their strategies accordingly will be best positioned to capitalize on these shifting market dynamics.”

Following this trend, big time brands aren’t wasting any time as many pursue mobile marketing tactics to increase revenue and awareness. Macy’s, Sephora, and Starbucks are some of the top leaders of these tactics, and provide excellent examples for other companies of why major brands should consider mobile marketing as a top priority.

Both Sephora and Starbucks have a heavy history in mobile: Starbucks remains a leader in mobile payments processing over 1 million mobile payments a week, and Sephora’s award-winning mobile website has generated over 2 million app downloads on iPhone and iPad. In merging simplistic and data-driven mobile tactics into the consumer experience, both brands situate themselves as an integral part of the consumer’s lifestyle while gaining valuable insight on their habits and attributes.

Macy’s has recently been in the spotlight for the development of their new off-price business they believe will be “one of the company’s key growth initiatives.” Macy’s has made mobile marketing a higher priority in supporting this new line. In harnessing mobile marketing to expand their industry activity, Macy’s can serve as an important reference for other companies looking to advance their business towards other arenas.

As large brands continue to develop and more finely tune their mobile marketing strategies, those who remain bystanders risk missing out on this profitable renaissance, remaining in the dark ages of technology.


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